My mom was such a great costume maker growing up. From Raggedy Ann to an old lady costume complete with a cane, glasses with the chains attached, and knee-high stockings, she put her creative ability to use with my homemade costumes. I LOVED Halloween and the excitement leading up to the day I could actually put my costume on and parade down the street collecting as much candy as possible. I, on the other hand, have had to find my groove as a non-Pinterest mom.

I don’t remember when I stopped loving Halloween and all the excitement leading up to it — thinking of the perfect costume and accessories to put it all together. The last costume I really got excited about was my junior year of college when a friend and I decided to go to the thrift store. We started picking out random clothes, shoes, hats … which ended with us look like dirty old men. No one recognized us, even our roommates and boyfriends.


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