I walk into the house from a long day of working, start the night time routine — dinner, baths, books, and get the kids tucked in. They ask for water (with ice) about 4 times before they find something else they need to get out of bed for. Go potty, one last thing they forgot to tell us, there’s a dinosaur in the closet. Until finally, silence.

I sit on the couch, most lights off, no tv on, and take a deep breath. Until I realize the house is, again, a complete disaster. Begrudgingly, I pry myself off the couch to tidy up the playroom and kitchen. I really want to relax, be in my own thoughts before I doze off for the night, but I have realized that clutter around the house — little piles of mail, toys strewn in every room (super painful by the way when you step on a lego in the middle of the night), make me a little … on edge.

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