As cliche as it sounds, I always love to reflect back on the previous year, to set goals and intentions for the new year and to figure out how I can take experiences that maybe didn’t go as planned and learn from them. This year was a year of successes, big change & of course a few bumps in the road. It’s easy to focus on the bumps. This year I have been intentional with allowing myself to be frustrated about those bumps for a set amount of time, and then I move on.

Find the positive.

It truly is amazing what actually happens when you focus on what you want instead of focusing on what you DON’T want. Focusing on what you don’t want or are fearful of happening is almost like praying for that bad outcome to happen.


Focus on What Makes YOU Happy

This year I let go of things that were not bringing me joy and focused on those things that DO make me happy.

Fit Mamas had a big year of growth, and nothing makes me happier than spending each week with these amazing women – laughing together, crying together, and supporting one another both in and out of the gym. Empowering women with knowledge of how to safely return to exercise, become stronger & reach their goals is truly what sets me on fire every day. Watching them accomplish goals – both physically and emotionally – lights me up.

This year, a big goal for me was to be more intentional with my time and family, and that I was. I am thankful every day that I get more time with them, especially being able to walk our oldest to and from school.

Some other words that I focused on this year:


These have been on my vision board since last year, giving me daily reminders of my overall goals and mindset. If you don’t do this – I encourage you to! Rather than focus on New Year’s resolutions that don’t stick, I prefer to focus on these words that help me reach my goals in a more mindful way.


Vision Mindset

They say a goal without a plan is just a dream. So go out there, create a vision for what you want and then create your plan. And the most important part – don’t let anyone downplay that vision, making you believe you can’t.

Cheers to a healthy, happy and prosperous 2019 to all of you!