at Fit Mamas Tribe

Have you ever been working with a physical therapist and a trainer and received totally contradictory information?

Have you ever completed a PT program and then not known what the best step was to continue exercise? What was safe? What was appropriate for your level?

Imagine having both of these services in the same place! With experts who were on the same page about your care and fitness goals.

Lauren Giles, owner of Fit Mamas Tribe & Perinatal Expert, and Claire Merriman, specialized Pelvic Health Physical Therapist, are joining forces to provide seamless perinatal care, support, and training to the women of St. Augustine. From maintaining a fit pregnancy, to postpartum recovery and full return to exercise, we’ve got you covered.

Benefits to Clients:
  • Physical Therapy evaluation & treatment provided in the private room of Fit Mamas studio and not a crowded clinic.
  • Appointments are scheduled at a time that works for you. No long wait times. Weekend appointments available.
  • A private room accommodates bringing your child to your visit.
  • You receive seamless support from your physical therapist and trainer, who can communicate and collaborate to best support you in meeting your goals.
  • Special discounts & promotions to Fit Mama members.


I was drawn to Pelvic Health for two big reasons. First, there is a huge need. There are a lot of people out there experiencing bowel, bladder, and sexual issues, and not a lot of clinicians who are trained to treat these impairments. And second, I was struck by the huge improvements that you can make in a person’s quality of life with the appropriate physical therapy interventions.

Claire Merriman