Feeling lost about how to continue your workouts now that you’re pregnant?

Pregnancy and exercise is not a one size fits all approach.

 Fit Mamas To Be is your online guide for HOW, WHEN & WHY to modify your workouts during pregnancy.

Take the guesswork out of knowing when to scale up or down

Start this self-paced course in any trimester.

We’ll teach you how to safely & Confidently exercise throughout your pregnancy!

With that positive pregnancy test comes excitement, fatigue, and wonderment as your body begins to grow your little one.

Your body will begin changing daily, and you may be wondering what this means for your workouts and how to safely continue moving your body throughout your pregnancy.

Many of us have a hard time scaling down workouts because we’ve played sports and learned to push our bodies.

Pregnancy is not a time to push the limits. It is a time to honor your body and support it through movement.

Lauren Giles
Owner/Founder Fit Mamas Tribe
4th Trimester Fitness™ Method Master Trainer
Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach

Lauren has spent the majority of her nearly 12 years as a Personal Trainer dedicated to providing evidence based programs to women, specifically in perinatal fitness.

Claire Merriman
Owner of Merriman Pelvic Health
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Pelvic Rehab Practitioner Certified
Manual Therapy Certified

Claire has nearly 8 years of experience as a physical therapy and has dedicated the last half of her career to the pelvic health specialty with an emphasis on peripartum care.

Christina Hedrick
Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga instructor

Christina has spent the past 10 years teaching Yoga, Barre, & personal training with her love and focus on pre/post natal fitness.

You’re pregnant, now what?


What does that mean for your workouts? Have you heard the advice to listen to your body? Yeah we did too, and not sure about you but that wasn’t enough information for us.

You may have already heard what NOT to do now that you’re pregnant, but what if we told you it is both safe and encouraged to continue exercising during your pregnancy, barring any health issues, AND, with guidance from trained professionals.

Common myths we have heard include everything from:

NO planking
NO crunching
NO twisting

ALL things that you can’t do. Sound familiar? 


What many don’t tell you is what you CAN do.


Women can often do many of these exercises well into their pregnancy, while some cannot.

Pregnancy and exercise is not a one size fits all approach.


You must know what you need to be looking and feeling for, and how to modify when needed.

Are you wondering how
you’ll know when to modify?

We wish we had a program to safely guide us, with trained professionals and a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist —  which is why we brought you Fit Mamas To Be, an online fitness pregnancy course geared toward all trimesters.

With this course you will receive over 50 videos & guides including:

 Common exercises with modifications
 Lifting and carrying strategies
Breathing mechanics for labor
Reconnecting your deep core in the 4th trimester
Three prenatal workouts to get you moving!

As a first-time mom, I had no idea how to safely prepare my body for pregnancy and
childbirth.  After attending Fit Mamas Tribe’s Fit Mamas To Be course I feel much more confident in my day-to-day activities. This course teaches how to exercise while engaging muscles to support your pelvic floor and core.  I now feel comfortable lifting various objects, have more trust in my body to protect my baby, and more prepared for my new body after childbirth.  Not to mention, Claire, Lauren & Christina gave me exercises/stretches which alleviated some intense hip pain that started early in my pregnancy. I highly recommend this course to any moms!

Brooke, St. Augustine


Working out during your

pregnancy has been shown to:


Reduce backaches, constipation, bloating and swelling
Boost your mood and energy levels
Promote better sleep
Prevent excess weight gain
Maintain or increase muscle tone, strength and endurance

The studies are there to support it – but how do YOU remain supported working out during your pregnancy?

Even when you’re taking class and modifications are given, there isn’t much time to go into the why. It’s important to know why and when to take the modification, what to look for, and the many options that are available that suits your needs that day.

Fit Mamas To Be is an online, self-paced course that gives you exercise modifications, what to expect through the trimesters, breath mechanics for labor, and covers common pregnancy ailments that you may have heard of or already felt. We also offer an example workout for each trimester to help you feel confident going into your workout.


Are you ready to learn more?


This course is designed to support you in exercising throughout your pregnancy. From understanding how to engage your deep core muscles, to recognizing signs of overstress in your body with instructions on modifications for over 25 of the most common exercises.

As fitness professionals, we know how confusing and overwhelming all of the information can seem.

We WISH we had access to prenatal fitness experts and a Pelvic Health PT during our pregnancies, which is why we’ve brought you Fit Mamas To Be. Taking the guess work out of your fitness routine through your pregnancy and beyond.

We aim to empower you with the knowledge to exercise safely and effectively throughout your pregnancy.

We are so excited to be with you on this amazing journey!




When is the best time to start?

The sooner the better, but you can start at any time during your pregnancy. 

How far along do you need to be to start the program?

You can start this course as soon as you’re ready, even if you’re preparing to get pregnant. 

Does this program provide workouts?

Yes, 3 recorded prenatal workouts are included to get you started! 

How long will it take me to complete the program?

You can complete the program at your own pace – either all at once or by the trimester/stage of pregnancy you are in, as well as which exercises you need modifications for 

Do I need any props for the exercises?

A resistance band and/or a set of dumbbells will be needed for the exercise portion of the program 

What if I am looking for guided workouts to do each week?

Our online fitness subscription Fit Mamas On the Go has you covered with workouts added weekly that include pregnancy friendly options! AND, you’ll receive 1 month FREE when you purchase Fit Mamas To Be